The Stoos Gathering Participants

These are the people who have committed to attend the Stoos Gathering, on January 6+7, in Switzerland.

It started (for me) during the Scrum Gathering in London, when I enjoyed dinner with Steve Denning and Peter Stevens. We discussed the problem that management around the world is changing too slowly, and we wanted to do something about that. We just didn’t know what.

And so we thought, why not invite a number of people that we know, and discuss this? Maybe together we can figure out how to accelerate change in management. And the idea for a gathering of management thinkers and practitioners was born. We pulled in Franz Röösli as a 4th member of the core team, we picked a date (6+7 January), we picked a location (Stoos, Switzerland), and we started discussing which people to invite.

That was the difficult part.


Constraint #1… We want an event at the start of the new year. Many invitees loved the idea, but they had already committed to families or other events in January. And thus we received many replies of the type sad-I-can’t-be-there-but-please-keep-me-posted!

Constraint #2… We want to keep the size of the group small, because groups larger than 20 people find it very hard to reach consensus (see: NewScientist). It turns out we have a little over 20 people now, but I hope some will be skiing when the rest are making world-changing decisions.

Constraint #3… We want a diverse group of people. This meant we couldn’t do an open invitation, because we would surely end up with 3 authors and 17 Agile consultants. We intentionally dug in the darkest corners of our social networks, and came up with some very fine names.


And so we suggested contacts, voted on favorites, and started sending invites. The result is what you see below. It contains a healthy mix of book authors, bloggers, top managers, coaches, consultants, thought leaders, and idea farmers. And we have both men and women. Which proved quite a challenge!

  1. Catherine Louis
    Agile transitions in the scope of complex product development
  2. Deborah Hartmann Preuss
    Co-Active Coach, Agile Coach, co-creator of
  3. Esther Derby
    Co-author of Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of Great Management
  4. Franz Röösli
    Author, Director of the Beyond Budgeting Round Table
  5. Heitor Roriz
    Organizing Radical Management Gathering in San Paolo
  6. Jay Cross
    Business consultant, author, expert on informal learning.
  7. John Styffe
    Co-Author of Was Jetzt? ("What now")
  8. Jonas Vonlanthen
    Responsible for Liip Suisse Romande, an agile web dev. company
  9. Julian Birkinshaw
    Prof. London Business School, Co-Founder MLab, book author
  10. Jurgen Appelo
    Author of Management 3.0, initiator of Agile Lean Europe network
  11. Kati Vilkki
    Manager at Nokia Siemens Network 
  12. Klaus Leopold
    Kanban coach and trainer
  13. Melina McKim
    Diverse background in innovation
  14. Michael Spayd
    Org. change & systems coach, co-founder Agile Coaching Institute
  15. Peter Hundermark
    Scrum Trainer & Coach, Community Leader, South Africa
  16. Peter Stevens
    Scrum Trainer & Coach, Community Leader, Switzerland
  17. Philippe Hertig
    Managing Director EZI (Switzerland)
  18. Rod Collins
    Former CEO, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Author Leadership in a Wiki World
  19. Roy Osherove blogger, writing 'Notes to a software team leader' book
  20. Sanjiv Augustine
    Author of Managing Agile Projects
  21. Simon Roberts
    Scrum Trainer & Coach
  22. Steve Denning
    Author of Leaders Guide to Radical Management
  23. Uli Loth
    Member of Management Team W.L. Gore Europe

These are the people who have committed (with a significant personal investment) to attend the Stoos Gathering. Feel free to pester them with great ideas and useful suggestions, to increase the chance we come down from the mountain with something useful

p.s. We received dozens of requests from people who would love to attend this gathering. My answer is always a polite “No”. Self-invitations would defy constraints #2 and #3. Sorry! You may harass me later.

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