Management 3.0: Early Bird Offer! (Xmas Present?)

Pre-order Management 3.0 now and receive a Certificate of Ownership that you can use a Xmas present, and get 25% discount on my upcoming courses.

It’s almost time for celebration. Xmas is nearly upon us, and the Management 3.0 book is nearly finished. Borders says it will be available on December 30. Amazon says the release date is January 9.

Either way, it will be too late for a Xmas present. 🙁 (Please note that the book is on schedule. It was just never possible to release it before Xmas.)

However… I have a solution for you!

If you order a copy of the Management 3.0 book before the book launch you are entitled to receive:

The Certificate of Ownership is a PDF that contains your name (or someone else’s name if you want), the date of purchase of the book, and my signature. The PDF also contains an exclusive Management 3.0 bookmark, and a unique sequential number as proof that you were one of the first people who bought the book!

The 25% discount on my Agile Management course is valid for one year. It applies to any course that I give in 2011. (And it will come out of my own pocket. This is your chance to see me bleed!) Check out my personal site for the full course schedule. (If you don't see a course in a region near you, tell your local Agile training agency to contact me.)

Here’s an idea: Order the book (in pre-sales) before Xmas and I will send you the Certificate of Ownership within a day. You can then print the PDF on sturdy paper, or on a sticky note, and give it to a friend as a Xmas present! Your friend will then have two weeks to look forward to receiving the book!

This is what you have to do:

  1. Pre-order the Management 3.0 book.
  2. Send me via email a copy of the order confirmation of the book.
  3. Give me the exact name to be printed on the Certificate of Ownership. (If you don’t give one, I will use the name in the order confirmation.)
  4. If you ordered multiple copies, give me multiple names!

That’s all!

When you attend one of my workshops later next year, just show me the Certificate of Ownership. I will then pay you back 25% of the price you paid for the course.

Remember… this Early Bird Offer is valid for books ordered before February 4, 2011, which is the day of the book launch!



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  • There Is No Objective Management
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