Hire Me As a Speaker

You can hire me as a speaker.

I have previously been invited to speak for GlobalCollect, ISDC, Sogeti, Level Up, Imtech, and several other interesting businesses. They hired me to add a bit of spark to their company events, or to enrich their business unit seminars.

Why would you hire me as a speaker?

  1. It is easier to inspire an entire organization with one well-designed keynote session than with an extensively crafted memo;
  2. It is cheaper to fire up self-development of employees, than it is to send them all on an expensive three-day course;
  3. It is an effective way for managers to show that they care, by inviting an outsider to share his experiences with everyone.

What topics can I talk about?

You can make me talk about anything you want. But these are my favorite topics:

  • Agile/Lean software development
  • Scrum, XP, Kanban
  • Management/Leadership
  • Systems/complexity thinking
  • Social media/social commerce
  • My book: Management 3.0

However, if there’s a special message you want me to get across, I can do that for you. Just give me the raw materials and I’ll turn them into a great delivery. With pictures. And style. Maybe even a joke or two.

What do my talks look like?

I use hand-drawn illustrations, metaphors, humor, and plenty of “brain rules” to ensure the best delivery. You can see a list of my standard presentations here. And I also have several videos available.

People’s ratings for my talks are consistently high. At the Dutch Testing Conference 2010 93% of the audience rated my keynote session as good (and 61% said it was very good.) At NDC 2010 my sessions scored 95% “green.” And at Agile 2010 I scored an average rating of 4,4 (out of 5).

What does it cost to hire me?

Here’s the good part: until the end of the 2010, when my book Management 3.0 comes out, I have a special offer! There will be a 50% discount for everything that I do. The special offer only lasts until the release of the book, and my availability is limited. So the earlier you contact me, the higher the chance I can say yes!

Simply email me the date/time, location, topic, duration, type of audience, and any other relevant details, and I will give you a quote.

Why hire me, and not someone else?

Here is my positioning statement (based on Moore’s template):

For software development organizations
who look for ways to inspire their employees
I offer talks and discussions about agile topics
delivered in an informative and entertaining style.
Unlike sessions by other speakers and consultants
my deliveries have style, impact, and silly pictures.

Why hire me now, and not later?

Of course, you can contact me anytime, both now and later. But other authors have told me that, once the book is out, I will probably be overloaded with requests for seminars and conferences. And I will need to say ‘No’ more often than I can say ‘Yes.’

I look forward to that, but you probably don’t! That’s why it is smart to contact me now, while it is still possible for me to cope with demand. 😉

(Or send this page to your manager, and tell him/her to contact me.)

Hope to talk with you soon…

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