Contest: Win a $250.34 Amazon Gift Certificate!

I am a happy person…

I have finished writing all the main chapters of my book. Now I only need to write the introduction and conclusion, and then go through the stuff that my reviewers have been throwing at me, and then I’m done. At last!

Well, sort of…

I will be sending the first version of my full manuscript to my publisher on July 1st. And then the second part of my job as an author starts…


Yes, despite having a great publisher, a lot of effort in marketing and promoting a book falls on the shoulders of the author. And that’s where I need you!

I am offering an Amazon gift certificate worth $250.34 for the person with the most valuable idea for the marketing and promotion of my book!

It doesn’t matter whether your idea is small or big, obvious or original, silly or smart. The only requirement is that I think:

“My God, yes… What a valuable idea. This might really help me to market and promote my book! Geez, why didn’t I think of this before? Now I have to pay 250 bucks. (And 34 cents.)”

Your idea may be about blogs, web sites, magazines, groups, partnerships, conferences, great articles that I should read, people I should talk to, places I should go to, or anything else that can have a great impact on the popularity of my book.

Here are the rules of the contest:

  1. I will give you points for the ideas you’re sending me. But points will only be earned by the first person who gave me the idea. If you bring me an idea that someone else already sent me earlier, then sorry, first one wins;
  2. You are welcome to send me multiple ideas. In fact, you will earn extra points if I find several of your ideas valuable (and unique);
  3. Your idea has to be concrete. Meaning: don’t give me an idea like “use social media for promoting your book.” Because that still doesn’t tell me what I should do;
  4. Send me your ideas via email ( or post them as a comment on this blog post. Please don’t send them via Twitter;
  5. I may not be able to correspond with you or anyone else about your idea(s) while the contest is running;
  6. Please understand that if you send me an idea, I reserve the right to use it. No matter whether you win or not, there is no copyright on ideas. (Of course, I will tell you if I do);
  7. You have until the end of the month: May 31. I will start evaluating your ideas on June 1.

You can find a short description of my book here…

This is a word cloud of my book, created with


If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them.

I am looking forward to your contributions!

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  • Cory Foy

    You should totally run a contest soliciting ideas for how to market your book, thereby doing something unique that few have thought of, thereby getting lots of marketing for your book, while collecting great ideas on how to market your book even more!

  • Jurgen Appelo

    That’s an awesome idea! Too bad I already had this idea one day before you. Sorry… 🙂

  • Arne Åhlander

    You should offer anyone arranging a conference relevant to you, five (5) copies of the book to arrange a lottery among conference participants that register early. That should give a win-win opportunity for you, the conference and the five individuals.

  • Tamyka Bell

    Your word cloud would look fantastic printed on a takeaway coffee cup or a keepcup – and who doesn’t love coffee? (Actually this is the first time I’ve ready your blog, so you may not like coffee – sorry if I offend.)

  • Jason L. Shiffer

    Read and follow it’s suggestions (you will probably get a grin at the end of step 6).
    I have been using many of these for some time now, after having read about them somewhere else, but I could not find the reference until now.

  • Bayley Rhodes

    You could make a fan page on facebook, and have some sort of raffle, where you could give out like 50 books to random people or the first 50 or something.
    I have also heard of new books being donated to local used book stores just to get their name out there.
    You could also have a signing party and invite everybody and their mothers.
    I definitely wouldn’t recommend a television commercial, like those James Patterson books because when I see them, I just can’t take them seriously.

  • Marcin Floryan

    I’m afraid there is one thing you can do above all other to promote your book and that is simply to write an awesome book.
    Many other recommendations I might have thought of, you have already implemented.
    When I think of what makes me read a book it is first and foremost a trusted recommendation. So in hope to initiate the network chain reaction give your book to a connector who will like it. Six links later everyone will have read you book.

  • josedoad

    There are only 2 rules in marketting.
    1. Spend huge on avertising posters ,videos , promos.
    2. Create some sort of controversy. Publicity will follow.

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