4 Top Posts on Discipline in Software Development

Suppose you check out some new code from source control, and the exact number of new errors the compiler gives you is so large that the d...

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Project Shrink: Read It & Beat It

In my relentless efforts to dominate the software development blogosphere, I am trying to find out how to beat all competitors. As you ca...

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Why Should I Follow Your Rules? (The Subsidiarity Principle)

In a previous post (I Follow My Rules, You Follow Yours) I wrote about allowing people to follow different practices, which can be a good...

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Blog Post #200

These are joyous times indeed! Immediately after celebrating the new year, and listing my most popular articles of 2008, I now arrive at ...

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Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009

My first night in 2009 was a bad one. After a pleasant new year's eve with a couple of friends, I slept for only 5 hours. That's ...

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