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A Theory of Everything for Software Development

If there's one thing that all software development experts agree on, it's that the other experts are not always right. There are ...

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New Blog Design

Yesterday night I deployed a new design for my blog. It was created by Lucas, a dear colleague of mine, who happily ignored some of my te...

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Crawling to the Tipping Point

On Darren Rowse invited bloggers to answer the following question: What Was Your Blog's Tipping Point? This resulted i...

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Blog Post #100: Your Feedback Please!

Yes! I've made it to my 100th blog post, in just over four months. Who would have thought that, after my very first entry into the re...

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Fooling Myself with False Velocity

I’m an idiot, I have fooled myself. I’m usually quite good at fooling others, but this time I have fooled myself. And I did i...

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Agile Book Writing

Let me tell you how writing a book (at least in my case) is simply another agile project: I have a high-level feature list that contains ...

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