I Am Looking for Co-investors

My brain is bigger than my budget.

How inconvenient.

The purpose and goals I have in mind for Agility Scales, my new startup, are ten times larger than my bank account. And thus, I’m looking for co-investors.

After a ton of research that I conducted with books, articles, webinars, and startup events, I have concluded that a diversified approach is probably best in this case:

  1. Angel investors
  2. Equity crowdfunding
  3. ICO (crypto currency)

Angel investors are important because, besides capital in exchange for shares, they usually offer knowledge, experience, and large business networks. They also pave the way for next rounds of financing with venture capitalists. I already have some experience with informal investors through my (failed) startup many years ago. Thank God, now I know better how to be an entrepreneur: replace all plans with experiments.

Half a year ago, I sold 75% of the Management 3.0/Happy Melly brands through an equity crowdfunding event that I completely managed myself. It was a big success. It taught me that many people love feeling involved in growing startups, and I also learned that management of the legal stuff is a big pain in the backside. I will do it again, but I will do it differently: delegate all busywork to the specialists.

The new kid on the block is the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). I have no experience whatsoever with this approach to financing, but everyone-and-their-uncle in startup land are raving about it. So, I’m curious and eager to run an experiment. I will soon look into people and platforms that can help me make this happen. It could fail, and it could succeed: but I won’t know until I tried.

I believe that this three-way approach will increase our chances of successfully raising funds and, because of the synergetic effects, will be beneficial to all parties involved.

It means more work for me as well.

My calendar is steadily filling with appointments. I will be hanging out with business tycoons, angel investors, venture capitalists, and with well-connected people who can introduce me to all of them. I will be talking with people who want to work at a 100% remotely managed startup (offices are so passé) and who can help this company grow larger than my ego. Now there’s a challenge for you!

If you see a role for yourself in this somewhere, feel free to reach out.

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(picture credit: © 2009 Enrico Matteucci, Creative Commons 2.0)

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