Would You Dare to Be DARE?

Would you dare to tell your boss to swap his clean desk policy for a clean hands policy?

Would you dare to help HR to replace their performance appraisals with a merits system?

Would you dare to learn how to do better development, marketing, sales, or finance?

Would you dare to stop talking about Agile and Lean, and instead focus on Purpose and Mastery?

Organizers in UK, Norway, Singapore and Belgium have already stepped forward and committed to organize a DARE festival in their countries. And we have positive inquiries from Latvia, Switzerland, Finland, Canada, Brazil, Chile and more…

Are you the next in line?

DARE is like ALE, except it goes beyond Agile and Lean.

DARE is like Stoos, except it goes beyond management & leadership.

DARE is like TED, except it goes beyond the 18-minute talks.

DARE is like any other conference, except for the boring badges, crappy coffee, and fricking flyers.

DARE could be your next favorite destination, after home.

Would you dare to organize a DARE event?

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