Treat Your Suppliers Like Potato Wedges

When a product or service is important to you, don’t plan too far ahead. Purchase (or switch) per month.

What is the difference between a potato and a car?

Same as the difference between a website and a house!

Food is one of the few things I cannot live without (besides working Wi-Fi). But food is so easy to obtain (unlike working Wi-Fi), and in such small portions, that I don’t have to think about it. I don’t plan my meals 5 years ahead. I don’t even plan them 5 hours ahead! I purchase whatever serves me best, at the moment.

It’s different with my car, and my house. Since paying per ride, or night, is not an option, I must plan 5 years ahead and choose these expensive products wisely. A mistake can be costly. And paperwork and negotiations with vendors, insurance companies, and governments are needed to keep everything in check, and to keep it affordable. (If you don’t have a house, just imagine selecting a spouse.)

What about websites, designs, videos, or software?

Purchase Products Like They Are Food

Creative and technical products are so important for me that I prefer to see them as daily food, not as big products. I need them every day, and I prefer not to plan too far ahead. That’s why I pay Bravebox (websites & design), Robo MG (videos), and Lunatech (software) per month. No paperwork. No negotiations.

As an author I can’t work without the support of great suppliers who charge a decent fee. But they know I won’t waste time haggling over price and details because I trust they’re simply trying to do a good job. Why wouldn’t they? I could go somewhere else next month!

And why should I discuss and negotiate the work I want them to do next month? I don’t even know what I want to do next month. However, I do know I will probably have work for the next 5 years or more. I just prefer to cut the work into the smallest possible pieces. Work is too important for me to waste time on paperwork and negotiations.

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