I Hated Management, Now I Love It

I remember well that I hated management, many years ago. I hated checking whether people had done what I told them to do. I hated doing performance appraisals. I hated discussing individual salaries and bonuses. I hated aligning teams with top management’s latest business strategy. And I hated wearing a suit, while the nice people were wearing sweaters.

Now I know why.

It hated bad management. And I hated failing all the time.

Now I love giving direction to the Management 3.0 program. I love finding intrinsic motivation, and discussing constraints with self-organizing trainers and facilitators. I love leading classes and audiences, and measuring progress when training or speaking. I love being one of the founders of both ALE and Stoos. I love conceiving and nurturing the Happy Melly business. And I love wearing jeans and sweaters.

I also know why.

I love good management. And I love success. 🙂


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