Looking for Leading Developers (or Arno 2.0)

This is Arno.

Arno is only 23 years old, but he's already one of our leading software developers. In three months Arno will be exchanging his daily job as a Development Manager for a world trip. It will take him to at least a dozen countries in the span of half a year.

But nobody is irreplaceable. And neither is Arno. So we're looking for a new version of him. (An improved version might be nice, but we will also settle for just a replacement.)

These are the requirements for Arno 2.0:

  • Ready to build great e-commerce solutions in our company;
  • Very knowledgeable at Microsoft .NET, Visual Studio, SQL Server, and ASP.NET;
  • Up-to-date on common Internet standards like XHTML, JavaScript, XML, and CSS;
  • Able to coach developers into building web applications using the newest technologies;
  • Driven to bring some legacy systems up to the latest techniques and standards;
  • Enthusiastic in applying XP and Scrum practices in our development teams;
  • Adept at applying social skills, in relation to customers and colleagues;
  • Willing to work in the world-famous Van Nelle factory, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

These are some of the things Arno 2.0 will be doing in our company:


Building great web applications (preferably on time and within budget)…


Discussing best practices and solutions with his team members…


Fueling the sprint planning meetings…

For the record, the following properties of the 1.0 version are NOT requirements for Arno 2.0:

  • You don't have to be as handsome as our first version.
  • It's OK if you're a little older than 23. (In fact, being out of diapers would be nice.)
  • You don't have to play a saxophone.

Are you Arno 2.0? (Or coming close to being one?) Email me!

Note: If Arno 1.0 survives Cambodia and Scotland, and returns half a year later, you will not be required to leave our company. Actually, it would be nice if you stayed.

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