Acronym Driven Development (ADD)

Have you had enough of all the xDD acronyms that have emerged over the last couple of years? Do you already know all about Responsibility-Driven Development, Test-Driven Development, Behavior-Driven Development, Domain-Driven Development and Model-Driven Development?

No? Then read this.

Yesterday I received another one that can be added to the list:

RDD: Reality Driven Development
Action and experimentation are the cornerstones of empiricism, and no attempt should be made to subdue reality by extensive analysis or copious documentation.

And if you still haven’t got enough, then you might even want to try out any of these…

ADD: Asshole Driven Development
Any team where the biggest jerk makes all the big decisions.

HDD: Hollywood Driven Development
A project where some protagonist hacker has a gun to his head, and is told to complete something in 30 seconds.

PDD: Pain Driven Development
Changing aspects of software related to one or more areas of pain.

RDD: Resume Driven Development
A situation where programmers want to use tools or technologies to improve their resume.

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