This Week’s Progress

This week I finished a new article (in Dutch) which deals with code ownership, which I prefer to call artifact assignment. The article is probably going to be published in the magazine TIEM. They still need to review it, but since I consider the article to be quite good (I actually want to use it for my book) I really don't expect any serious concerns to be voiced about it.

I have also noticed that an older article of mine has been published on the Computable website. That article is about removing rules in traffic according to the shared space concept. I sent that article to the Computable editors about half a million years ago. Maybe less. I hope the review process of TIEM will be a bit shorter than the one used by Computable.

And last but not least, I am invited to be a speaker on the Project Management Parade 2008, a Dutch conference, in April this year. I will, of course, explain the concepts of complexity there. Apart from a couple of smaller sessions on two highschools, it will be my first major performance on stage!

  • Playing Risk: the Effect of One Little Rule
  • It Takes Complexity to Manage Complexity
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