Empowerment & Delegation (30)

How Smart Managers Think

Delegation of control is the best way to keep software projects manageable. And that's not just because our projects behave like wild...

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I’m Out of Control

Yesterday I suffered a typical case of food-poisoning. While my body was busy jettisoning the unwanted stuff from all sides, I had ample ...

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How Not to Manage Your Country (or Project)

Having returned from a 2-week vacation in Cuba, it is interesting to see that managers can learn a lot from this unique country in the Ca...

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Don’t Be Bossy!

As a manager, it's always easy to solve problems by being bossy, by telling people to switch desks, to take on another project, or to...

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It Hurts to Be Good

I recently blogged about a little personal disaster that resulted in 100 gigabytes of data being wiped out from both my hard disk and my ...

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Rubber Chicken Management

As a manager, I sometimes think it would be better if I didn't exist. Well, speaking only figuratively, of course. I believe that som...

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