Complex Systems (29)

Flight of the Software Bugs

In this week's NewScientist magazine there's an article on software bugs in airplanes. Allow me to quote some parts of it: Softwa...

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The S-Curve in Software Projects

I think I have discovered something very significant today… While reading some articles dealing with measuring progress in a softwa...

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How Do Ants Know What to Do?

A colleague of mine forwarded a link to this fine presentation by Deborah Gordon on ant colonies. In this presentation she clearly shows ...

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It Takes Complexity to Manage Complexity

I think I had some sort of a breakthrough idea today! It happened just over an hour ago. I had given a presentation about the Prince2 pro...

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Playing Risk: the Effect of One Little Rule

I love Risk. Not risk (a hazard) but Risk (the game). I recently played a game of Risk with some friends and it was a unique experience i...

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