Blueprint for a Tribal Business (Presentation)

This is the new presentation that I gave for the first time at DARE 2013 in Antwerp. It explains the reasons behind the organization of H...

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Dare to Improve Your Conference

I have been talking about better conferences several times, but I’ve decided to stop doing that. A recurring theme at the DARE conferen...

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Move Your Mike

In February 2013, Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo, sent a memo to her employees saying that working from home was not acceptable anymore,...

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Move Your Desk

The more I thought about the idea of walking around, the more I got the feeling that the practice is suboptimal. Years ago I realized tha...

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Move Your Feet

The advice to walk around in the organization is often presented under the Japanese name Gemba, which says that one ought to be there whe...

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