The Big-Ass View on Competency (video)

Here's a video of a talk I did at the Norwegian Developers Conference. The talk is about different ways of developing competence in an organization, and it draws on traffic management as a metaphor. The original slides can be found here.

The talk scored quite well: 31 green cards, 3 yellow ones, and no red cards. I calculated that this would correspond to 95% satisfaction (assuming that green = 100%, yellow = 50% and red = 0%).

A kind word to my Swedish and Belgian readers: I didn't really mean what I said in this video… I'm sorry. 🙂

BTW, You cannot hear the Norwegian audience laughing out loud during my presentation. But they actually did!

This video is provided courtesy of my friends at Programutvikling AS, the organizers of the NDC2010 conference.

p.s. Go to the Tandberg Content Server for 122 other fantastic presentations!

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