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I Will Be Destroying Frameworks at Agile2017 – What About You?

I am looking forward to discussing my new project with innovative content creators, experienced agile coaches, and data-driven agile busi...

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The Failure Shirt: Agile Diplomats at the EU

“We made a mistake. They are going to hate me tomorrow,” he said. Imagine a room with 28 EU diplomats, twice that many specia...

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Agile Is Not Dead

Agile Is Not Dead (But Some Organizations Might Be Soon)

The concept of agility is fine. Agile is not dead. But organizations misapplying good agile practices might be very soon.

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Agility versus Discipline

Really, Can You Be Agile and Not Disciplined?

Last week, it happened again. On Facebook I posted a screenshot of the huge checklist that I use as a quality assurance gate for my book ...

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Agile HR – 15 Minutes on Air

This week I invited Pia-Maria Thorén for a couple of questions about Agile HR: What did you learn from the Agile HR conference? Is HR di...

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Why Write a Book? (15 Minutes on Air)

In this (experimental) hangout I discuss with Ángel Medinilla what he learned from writing his book Agile Management.

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Complexity versus Lean versus Agile versus Me

While the experts are battling over each others’ ideas, I remind myself that all models are useful (though some fail faster than others...

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8 Reasons NOT to do an Agile Management Course

You are already running a perfect business. Why should you need an Agile Management course? So, you do software development “the Agile ...

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How to Move Europe

I am trying to move Europe. Or actually, I am trying to move the countries in Europe a little closer together. Europe is full of great (A...

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What Is Agile Management?

I had to (re)organize some materials this week about my views on Agile Management, because some companies are inviting me to do talks abo...

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Agile Management Course – 2nd Iteration DONE

The Agile Management Course I am developing is steadily taking form, and its exercises are shaping up nicely. Last week I organized a one...

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Agile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

How to use complexity thinking to combine Agile software development with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). This is a new presentat...

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