Adaptation & Improvement (18)

A Product Is Successful Until It Fails

When is a software product successful? We all know industry reports (particularly the infamous CHAOS report of the Standish Group) are al...

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Project Success is NOT Stakeholder Satisfaction

A number of people, including some at the Project Management Institute, think that project success is defined as the achievement of stake...

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What is a Project?

For many years people have been trying to compare projects, created by different organizations, in different situations. Comparisons are ...

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Change is the Only Constant

Environmental change is a hot topic nowadays. And though the possible causes for global warming are still being disputed – I’m quite ...

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Honor Thy Errors

Errors are an essential part of biology. Countless species on this planet could never have evolved if it wasn't for the intentional e...

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Every Project Will Fail

We all know the industry reports (particularly the CHAOS report of the Standish Group) saying that only a small number of software projec...

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