Hanging out...

Hanging Out

This week I spent more time hangout out with people, which means less time is available for my blog. Sorry about that! (Also, I have a book to finish…)

These are the broadcasts of this week. The first was with Dawna Jones, Elinor Slomba and Lisette Sutherland, about remote collaboration and how this relates to my new book tour. The second hangout was with Ari Tikka and Artem Marchenko, about organizational change in Finland, facilitated by Elinor.


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  • Jonathan Keller

    I like how you identify yourself as a Creative Networker in the video as opposed to “The Creative Networker” per your blog. I like your description of a Creative Networker, and at times have wanted to identify myself in such a way, but didn’t think it was commonplace enough [yet]. I appreciate the shape you give to the Creative Networker idea and also identify you as The [Definitive] Creative Networker. However for me, it’s better to think of you as The [First] Creative Networker. If you’re the first, more can follow/emerge/exist.

    • jurgenappelo

      Thanks! Actually, the idea evolved a bit. First as subtitle for my blog and site, but now I use it for many others too. Indeed, maybe I’m just the first. 🙂

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