Top 25 Hitler Rants

I once learned that, when something annoys you, you should immerse yourself into it completely. After that it won’t bother you anymore.

For example: if you can’t get a stupid song out of your head, then sing it out loud for at least an hour. That will help to wash and flush your brain.

I’m experiencing the same thing with The Downfall of Agile Hitler video. Over the last few weeks, the links and tweets about this video just kept coming and coming, from all over the world, day after day. It was annoying me immensely. And seeing that this is just one of many Hitler spoofs out there on YouTube, I decided to step in and create this list of Hitler videos.

Top 25 Hitler Rants

# Video Ratings Views
1 Hitler gets banned from World of Warcraft 17541 3048787
2 Hitler gets banned from Xbox Live 11957 1636989
3 Hitler’s got the wrong bike 1246 733719
4 Hitler learns of the Dragonball Live action movie 2707 281779
5 Hitler learns he lost to Clemson 332 217283
6 Hitler learns the Giants beat the Cowboys 242 128032
7 Hitler gets banned from Wikipedia 356 104315
8 Hitler learns his team is not agile (!!!)
229 60141
9 Hitler learns Arsenal lost to Tottenham 137 55316
10 Hitler orders a pizza 259 53357
11 Hitler is upset after the Detroit Lions finish 0-16 134 45692
12 Hitler hates Pacquiao 149 30588
13 Hitler – Internet Censorship Australia 306 26042
14 Hitler orders DMCA down 107 23642
15 Hitler’s nightly build fails (!!!)
40 20375
16 Hitler gets pissed at YouTube 480 18808
17 Hitler and the Tony Awards 47 18178
18 Hitler enjoys Mexican food 84 14322
19 Hitler reacts to new Star Trek movie 146 11446
20 Hitler doesn’t like the new Team Fortress 2 update 259 8472
21 Hitler rants about Pelosi and the CIA 67 8149
22 Hitler learns Bristol City lost to Hull City 36 7286
23 Hitler wants to eat at Heartland Grill 14 5762
24 Hitler learns Manchester United lost to Barcelona 19 3575
25 Hitler gets banned from Prison Planet forum 77 3301

Note: there are even more variations of this Hitler video on YouTube. But this should be enough to give me some peace of mind…

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